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A Focused Chemical Process Safety Consulting Firm

Kensington Consulting is a chemical process safety and risk management consulting firm assisting clients worldwide since 2005.

We specialize in:

  • Hazard Evaluation in the Chemical Process Industries
  • Regulatory Compliance for the Chemical Process Industries
  • Process Safety Management and Accidental Release Prevention Program Evaluation
  • Workplace Health and Safety Programs
  • Emergency Response Programs and Exercises

Kensington’s services, help protect your employees, your facility, your community, and our environment. Our use of a wide range of analytical tools allows us to objectively assess your organization’s accidental chemical release risk, chemical process safety management system effectiveness, and, regulatory compliance status. We use our assessment data and our expertise to help you create and implement policy and practices throughout your organization to create sustainable regulatory compliance and sustainable robust culture protecting life and property.

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Supporting Facilities Using Hazardous Chemicals

Whether you work in a chemical processing or handling, pharmaceutical or biotechnology manufacturing, or industrial ammonia refrigeration facility, optimizing the safety and reliability of your workplace is a worthwhile investment for a successful future. To help you achieve this goal, we provide cost-effective, practical solutions to strengthen your business and position it for long-term prosperity.

We provide expert assistance in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities and establishing alternatives that can help you navigate through difficult situations. For systems in need of an upgrade, we offer practical change management support, including strategy, design, and implementation tools that significantly improve your practices. Contact us today for more information.

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