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Services We Provide to the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Ammonia Refrigeration Industries

Kensington focuses on offering a range of high-quality services based on our decades of experience assisting clients worldwide. We invite you to learn more about them:

Analyzing the vulnerability of your organization is the first step in creating and implementing successful regulatory compliance, emergency response, and workplace safety programs. With years of experience providing hazard evaluation services to companies of all sizes, Kensington has the expertise to help you clearly evaluate the hazards of your organization. We are able to provide clients with a range of targeted hazard analyses that evaluate organizational exposure to natural, technological and human caused events.

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Operating a business that uses hazardous chemicals means complying with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements that steadily increase in number and complexity. Knowing what regulations apply and how to comply with these requirements is a major concern for your business.

Building and managing a safe workplace, protecting the environment and complying with the maze of regulations can be overwhelming. With detailed, up-to-date understanding of codes and regulations, Kensington provides the regulatory compliance expertise you need to develop a robust regulatory understanding of your organization and with that understanding create a sustainable compliance plan.

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Management expert Peter E. Drucker wrote, “What gets measured gets managed.” The need is clear, but the process may be easier said than done. We have helped organizations identify and collect elusive program metrics through auditing and evaluating programs against regulations and recognized standards.

Kensington will work with you to define the particular issues that concern your organization. We will develop the specific measures that will inform your program development and implementations processes for operational efficiency, regulatory code compliance, workplace health and safety and emergency response planning.

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Kensington develops effective, user-friendly safety procedures to enable your staff and business to reach their full potential. Through our personalized employee training programs, we help your organization develop an alert, well-trained staff that empowers them to fulfil their crucial role in preventing injury and loss. We can help you identify engineering and technical safety issues, and integrate safety and compliance elements into your training and management processes.

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Kensington has helped clients create and implement plans to respond effectively to earthquakes, fires, product quality issues, and other emergencies. We have also written and implemented emergency response plans for private and public organizations involving all levels of your organization.

In addition, our custom-designed, reality-based exercises provide essential practice and return detailed information on potential areas of improvement. We are skilled at helping you create emergency response exercises addressing your organization’s specific planning, training, and equipment needs.

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HYEX is a firm primarily focused on safety and risk studies related to hydrogen and hydrogen carriers such as ammonia. Services include gas dispersion and explosion studies using proprietary tools or commercially available computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.

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Reliability Inspections is a mechanical integrity (MI) program, and, non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection service provider. Their team has certified professional inspectors in multiple API, ASNT, AWS, and STI disciplines.

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