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William Greulich

William Greulich is a recognized expert in risk management, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. His background includes leadership roles in pharmaceutical manufacturing, city government, and extensive consulting support to major public and private organizations.

Through Kensington, he offers cost-effective support and customized programs to private sector and government-based organizations. Mr. Greulich provides tailor-made services that specifically address your particular situation, whether you need long-term, comprehensive planning or expert assistance in solving an urgent problem.

With his unique skills and perspective, he can help you improve your organization’s productivity while safeguarding lives and property. In addition, he has immediate access to a vast network of expert professionals ready to put their technical skills to work on your project.


Mr. Greulich has over 30 years of experience in environmental health, safety, and security management. He began his professional career in 1981 at a defense industry material science laboratory. In this role, he performed Department of Defense-witnessed testing in compliance with military specifications and supervised the maintenance of chemical processing equipment.

Seven years later, he joined the H. C. Starck industrial chemicals division of Bayer Corporation. Mr. Greulich’s job involved developing and implementing safe equipment and processes at extremely high temperatures and under corrosive conditions to produce specialty electronic materials.

In 1995, he transferred to the biotechnology facility of Bayer’s Berkeley site, where he continued his work in process safety engineering. Mr. Greulich was responsible for all aspects of the OSHA PSM and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) RMP programs for the site anhydrous ammonia process. After advancing within the environmental health, safety, and security (EHS&S) role for 15 years, he left Bayer. The last position he held was EHS&S manager of the company’s world biotechnology headquarters, a $1 billion operation.

Mr. Greulich then joined the City of Berkeley, CA, as the manager of the Berkeley Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Services. He was responsible for emergency program development and project implementation.

In 2005, Mr. Greulich began a career in consulting through Kensington. As our senior principal consultant, he provides technically sound life and property protection advice to over 100 clients worldwide. 

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Process Safety Professional from AIChE CCPS

UC Berkeley

Hazardous Materials Management from UC Berkeley